Howard Jones colabora en un tema del nuevo disco de Killswitch Engage

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El nuevo disco de contará con toda una bomba: un dueto del vocalista Jesse Leach y el ex-frontman Howard Jones. Lo ha revelado el primero a través de Instagram, donde ha dejado oír algo en un vídeo.

Explica Leach:

Ha sido un día grande hablando de salud mental con Hojo (Howard Jones). ¡Muchas risas, historias y camaradería! La canción trata de mantener la esperanza en momentos oscuros y ayudar a aquellos que lo necesitan.

La letra fue escrita poco después de que la banda de Howard, Light The Toch, anunció la nueva dirección y el nuevo nombre. La canción fue escrita antes de que nos juntáramos hace unos meses. Esta canción fue compuesta con Howard en mente y nuestra conexión en nuestras enfermedades mentales. Es decir, ahora que he estado con este tío varias veces es una “locura” (nunca mejor dicho) lo similares que somos.

Somos hermanos del metal, la ansiedad, la música hardcore, el amor por la marihuana medicinal y la lucha contra la depresión (…)

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Because yah all loosin yah damn minds over my last post (we are stoked too the song is bad ass)! So here’s me lip syncing to Howard as he sings live (happening in the room behind me with the door open) at the studio today. Can you say uh HUGE voice! Straight up “black molasses” ha ha… it was such a great day talking mental Health with Hojo. A ton of laughs, stories and comradery! The song is about keeping hope in dark times and helping out those in need. The lyrics were written shortly after Howard’s band @lightthetorchband had announced the new direction and new name. The song was written even before we all hung out a few months back. This song was in fact written with Howard in mind and our connection through our similar mental illnesses. I mean now that I’ve hung with this guy a few times, it’s “crazy” (pun intended) how similar we are. We are brothers in Metal, anxiety, Hardcore music, love of medicinal marijuana and fighting depression. I had such a fun time listening to Adam bust Howard’s balls like he does mine. We both have that “Hardcore kid” push when it comes to vocals and the sharp pitch is our excited “go to” when singing (although his big vibrato truly makes it sound all good tho! We may be very different sounding voices but in truth we are similar in many ways in our minds. Today was epic, it was HUGE for the legacy of Killswitch, it was fun and it felt like what we were doing was important. I plan on using this song to help continue to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. Both Howard and I have a very strong outspoken stance on the subject and I will use this to help with the cause! @hopefortheday I’m looking at you, we will talk soon! Strength in Unity! Nothing but support and love for “Light The Torch!” Today was a good day! OH and if you haven’t BUY the new “Light The Torch” already! @killswitchengage @lightthetorchband #Duet #killswitchengage #kserecordingsessions #LightTheTorch #JesseLeach #HowardJones #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealth #HonorTheLegacy #mentalhealthawareness #ItsOkNotToBeOk #SignalFire #Hope #SuicidePrevention #MedicalMarijuana #MarijuanaIsAMedicine #LegalizeIt #Metal #Hardcore

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