Stone Sour dejan oír la demo de «Made Of Scars»

siguen celebrando el décimo aniversario de «Come What(ever) May» con una nueva demo del álbum. En esta ocasión han colgado la de «Made Of Scars».

This year marks the tenth anniversary of "Come What(ever) May". To celebrate, we want to share some demos from the making of the album.

“Scars was a song that was actually an older song that we had written back in ’95, and lyrically it was basically a road map of where I’d been. Basically kind of a statement saying that not all scars are visible, not all scars are on the surface. A lot of scars sit underneath. A lot of scars are emotional and psychological. It’s basically me showing the world where I’d come from. It’s funny because that song means more to me now than when I first wrote it. There’s a lot more on the body than there were a long time ago, dude. Yeah, that’s where the music and the song came from.” – Corey Taylor

Posted by Stone Sour on Friday, July 1, 2016