Así suena el pedal de distorsión que se puede construir con la tarjeta de visita de Kurt Ballou (Converge)

El guitarrista de , Kurt Ballou, mostraba hace unos días su tarjeta de visita con la que, según explicaba, se podía construir un pedal de distorsión. Ahora el propio músico y productor ha mostrado en Facebook como suena el bautizado como “Brutalist Jr.”.

Brutalist Jr. business card PCB update:
(sorry this is long)

These are still available for free if you flag me down in the wild. However… If you don't think that's likely to happen, they will soon be available through the Deathwish estore for cheap money (just enough to help cover development, manufacturing, and processing.). I just need to finish up the build instructions, then it will go live. I'll announce when it does.

IMPORTANT things you need to know before ordering:
1. This is a PCB only. You'll need to order about $40 worth of parts and assemble yourself. Details and ordering info are in the build instructions.
2. NO TECH SUPPORT. I'm pretty busy with studio work and won't have time to field questions if you're unable to get it to work. The build instructions are thorough, though. It shouldn't be too hard to build successfully.
3. One per customer. I really want this to encourage people to build some things for themselves. Please don't buy this with the intention of building it to sell.

The iPhone vid below is a quick comparison between Brutalist Jr and Stampede. I toggle between the two pedals, starting with the Stampede, once per measure. They're not identical, but definitely in the same ballpark.

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Publicado por Kurt Ballou en Miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2016