Adam Jones comparte un audio inédito de su colaboración con Isis

El guitarrista de , Adam Jones, ha compartido una versión básica de su contribución del tema «Hall Of The Dead» de , incluído en «Wavering Radiant», el último disco de la banda.

~ Found this AIF* from 2009 • The band formally known as 'Isis' ask me to play a lead on the track 'Hall of the Dead' from the album 'Wavering Radiant' • The Recording is just the raw tracks I did for producer Evil Joe Barresi • i did two passes and split them left & right in the speakers. (Try Headphones…) • I was suppose to stop when the vocals came back in but i figured id keep going to give Joe possible mixing options. • Great project. • Hope those guys get back together someday ❤️

Posted by Adam Jones Tool on Monday, May 8, 2017

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