Every Time I Die cambian de batería

El batería de , Daniel Davidson, ha dejado la banda según anunciaba hace un par de fechas el vocalista Keith Buckley en el escenario de su concierto de Portland. Su sustituto es Clayton “Goose” Holyoak, ex-.

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There have been a few people that have been curious as of what I've been up to musically lately. I Was in San Diego writing with some friends less than a week ago when I got a text. I finished the time we had writing and flew to buffalo to learn 17 songs in the 4 days I had before we left for tour. I know there's no footage of me but I swear I'm that little rocker in the back. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and cheered me a long the way! I really don't know how I would convince myself this was possible if it wasn't for you. @lexilazaro @dreudamn @johnaldfinn and my amazing mother that constantly reminds me that I can do anything. It's been a stressful past 5 days but this shit pays off! Keep following your dreams!

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